Joby Warrick | Clinton School Presents

Joby Warrick

Interview with Joby Warrick, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, for NPR affiliate KUAR on Clinton School Presents, a weekly dialogue of distinguished guests that visit the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas. Nikolai DiPippa, Clinton School Director of Public Programs, sat down with Joby Warrick, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter. In his Pulitzer Prize winning book “Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS”, he traces how the strain of muslims behind ISIS first arose in a remote Jordanian prison, and spread with the unwilling aid of two American Presidents. Drawing on unique, high-level access to CIA and Jordanian sources, he weaves moment by moment operational details, perspectives of diplomats and spies, generals and heads of state, many of whom foresaw a menace worse than Al-Qaeda, and tried desperately to stop it.