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James Conroy


Interview with James Conroy for NPR affiliate KUAR on Clinton School Presents, a weekly dialogue of distinguished guests that visit the Clinton School of Public Service in Little Rock, Arkansas. Nikolai DiPippa, Clinton School Director of Public Programs, sat down with James Conroy, who has been a trial lawyer in Boston for over 30 years, having first pursued a public affairs career in Washington, D.C. as a House and Senate press secretary, speechwriter, and chief of staff. In his first book, Our One Common Country: Abraham Lincoln and the Hampton Roads Peace Conference of 1865, Conroy explores the most critical meeting of the Civil War. He describes in great detail what happened when leaders from both sides came together in the only presidential peace mission in America’s wartime history to try and end the hostilities. Ultimately failing to come to an agreement, the War would drag on for two more months. Conroy argues that the failure of the Hampton Roads Conference shaped the course of American history and the future of America’s wars to come.